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NHS Bands

NHS treatment fees for paying patients are divided into three bands of treatment:

Band 1: £26.80p
This covers an examination, diagnosis (including X-rays), advice on how to prevent future problems, a scale and polish if needed.

This band also covers urgent treatments.

Band 2: £73.50p
This covers everything listed in Band 1 above, plus any further treatment such as fillings, root canal work or removal of teeth.


Band 3: £319.10p
This covers everything listed in Bands 1 and 2 above, plus crowns and dentures.

Are you entitled to free NHS treatment?

You are entitled to free treatment if one of these applies to you:

  • Income Support

  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance

  • Pension Credit guarantee credit

  • You are named on a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate

  • You are named on a valid HC2 certificate

  • Aged under 18

  • Under 19 and receiving full-time education

  • Pregnant or have had a baby in the previous 12 months

Private Patient Policy

Jevington Dental Practice offers a range of Private treatment in addition to and at times supplement treatment provided on the National Health Service.

Such treatment and its long-term care and maintenance are the sole responsibility of the clinician performing the treatment and NOT the practice. Any issues relating to the private treatment will be referred to the performing clinician for resolution. In the event the performing clinician leaves the practice a forwarding address will be provided for communication and resolution.

Private treatment fees

A fee guide outline is provided below:

Implant/ Periodontal consultation- £100 (1hr appointment for assessment and discussion about treatment options)

Periodontal treatment- From £425 per 1 hr session

Implant retained restoration- To be discussed with clinician at consultation from £3000 

Clear correct orthodontics- Consultation- £50. Treatment- Approx £3000 for Upper and Lower arch correction

Hygiene visit (30 mins session)- £55.00 (£20 non refundable deposit)

White fillings from £70.00 depending on size/complexity

Root canal Treatments from £250.00 depending on tooth position/complexity

Crowns either tooth coloured or gold from £400.00

Adhesive Bridges £375.00

Conventional Bridge £400.00 per tooth unit

Full Dentures £600.00

Part dentures from £250.00 (acrylic) £450.00 (Cobalt chrome skeleton)

Tooth extractions from £65.00

Tooth Whitening from £320.00 including applicator trays and sufficient material for initial course.

Top up material- £60.00 for 2 tubes

These fees are intended as a guide and are subject to change. All fees should be discussed fully by the providing clinician prior to commencement of treatment and written consent should also be taken. Please do not hesitate to gain clarification from the clinician at any point if you are unsure with regards to the cost and proposed treatment.

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