Our commitments to you

As part of our commitment to the well being of our patients we comply with the data protection act, health & safety acts, and undertake regular audits to ensure quality of service.
Customer Service Standards

Cross Infection

We take the risk of infection very seriously and wherever possible have single use disposable items, eg. gloves, syringes, anaesthetics, needles, etc. We follow the advice given by the Department of Health and always use root canal instruments for a single use and dispose of them after usage. Other items are cleaned using a thermal washer disinfector followed by use of autoclaved] under heat and pressure. Guidelines from the British Dental Association and the department of health policy (HTM01-05) are followed. All equipment is regularly serviced and complies with current regulations.
We are proud to report a recent independent audit carried out by the health authority gave us a score of 97% which made us the top performing practice in the area, again reassuring us and you of the high standards we set ourselves in cross infection.

Safeguarding our Patients

At Jevington dental practice we are committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and to protecting them from harm. Our dental team accepts and recognise our responsibilities to develop awareness of the issues that may cause harm to children and vulnerable adults.
For further information please read our Safeguarding policy

Ionizing Radiation

Ionising radiation guidelines (X-Rays) and pressure vessels (Compressors and Autoclaves) have been inspected and approved by authorized contractors at the recommended intervals.


We welcome your feedback on your experience and actively encourage it through our Feedback on your experience policy
Fill out our patient survey below and return it to reception next time you are in or via email on jevingtondental@hotmail.co.uk
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Complaints policy

The practice and its staff strive to provide the best quality dental care to all patients. If however you are unhappy with any aspect of your experience at jevington dental practice, then please do not hesitate to contact us as we are always looking to improve our service for you.
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We keep a confidential record of your treatment and comply with the NHS Code of Practice on Confidentiality and the Data Protection Act.
Data protection policy